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What are the rules on citing? My teacher is requiring a citation for one of my paragraphs that is in the middle of my paper. It is a website. How do I go about citing this?

At this website, hold your mouse over CITING SOURCES in the list at the left, and then click on Electronic Sources/Internet in the secondary menu that appears. You will find explanation and examples for both ways you need to cite a website -- both for the Works Cited page and inside the text (right after the quote or reference) itself.

Let me know if you need further help with this.


Yes, whenever you are citing something, you need to do so in TWO places -- on the Works Cited page (at the end, after the text of your paper) and within the text itself (parenthetical citations or in-text citations), immediately after the quotation or paraphrase or reference.

You need both. The Works Cited listing includes all the information; the parenthetical citation includes just the briefest of references so that your teacher will know which reference on your Works Cited page this came from.


It says for a works cited page, you put:

Guide to Grammar and Writing. Capital Community College. 4 April 2004
<w w w . ccc. commnet. edu/ grammar />.

Is that for a separate page especially for the sources? Because I only need one citation and I think it needs to come right after the reference.

Does that mean the in-text citation is what I need? For that, it says:

In parenthetical citations, you will treat online resources the same as you would treat other kinds of resources, according to their type (book, journal article, etc.).

As Fitter points out, "Landscape description in this period is in transition, from traditional paysage moralisé to pictorialism, and verse such as Saint-Amant's La Solitude, for instance, anticipates Romantic "mood-music" in the age of the emblem book" (59).

Does that mean I just do the works cited page thing, but in parentheses after the paragraph?

What exactly goes in the parenthetical citation?

author date page number quotes

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