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Sorry it was a type.

For the problem

multiply and write answer in simplest form.

4/12 multiplied by 10/4

My answer:
FOr what i understood i only got to the flipping step which is

4/12 multiplied by 4/10 now what step do i do.

you mulitply to top (4 * 4 = 16) and mulitply the bottom (12 * 10 = 120)

you have 16/120. now you reduce until you can't reduce anymore. you divide both top and bottom by 2, so 16/120 = 8/60

you divide by half again, because you can. 8/60 = 4/30.

you divide by half again, until you can't reduce anymore.

4/30 = 2/15.

is that the original answer i gave you?

4/12 x 10/4 = (4 x 10)/(12 x 4)
The 4's in numerator and denomimator cancel and you get
10/12 = 5/6

When multiplying fractions, you don't "flip" the fraction, that's for dividing. In this case, you can change both fours to one (technically ignoring them all together) which will leave you with 10/12ths when you multiply 1*10, then 12*1. Reduce that and you get...5/6ths. Remember, by changing the fours to ones you skip having to reduce more later! If that is too confusing, just multiply the top numbers, then the bottom: 4/12*10/4 4*10= 40, 12*4=48 which gives you 40/48ths reduced to 5/6ths

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