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Algebra (need help ASAP!!!!)

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I didn't get how to do the problem. In my book it says to choose a variable and write an absolute value inequality that represents each set of numbers. Here are the problems I had--

all real numbers less than 2 units from 0

all real numbers less than 1 unit from -4

I need to write an inequality for the two problems. Please explain how to do this. I know the answers (got from another source) but I don't know how to get them.

the first one is |x|< 2
the second one is |x+4|< 1

Please help me ASAP!!! This homework is due tomorrow 12/15. Thanks!

All number less than 2 from zero means all numbers from -2 to +2. Let x be one of the numbers in that range. It should be clear that |x| < 2 means the same thing as being between -2 and +2.

Similar reasoning applies to the second problem, where the range is -5 to -3. "x+4" is the distance of a number x from -4.

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