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I'm having another problem. These multiple choice questions confuse me.
Can you please help again.

The density of seawater is either greater than freswater, increases with increasing depth in the oceans, changes with changing temperature, increases with increasing salinity, or all of the above. I know that the density is greater than freshwater, but not sure of the all of the above choice. Thanks

You are correct that seawater is more dense than fresh water (because of the salt content). Density of almost all substances changes with temperature (as a result of the volume change), of course more salt means higher density, and this leaves only the incrasing depth part. Think about that. As we go down to the bottom depths of the ocean, does the water get hotter or colder. Actually it doesn't matter what you answer here because we recognize that the temperature at increased depth is DIFFERENT. And we just said that density changes with changing temperature. So now you know the answer.

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