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effects on religion, writeacher

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How does this sound.I've included what jen said to include. Also how can i site what she told me to put or talk about.

Religion has encounter greatly throughout the world since the beginning and still now although not as much. Some negative attributes that religion has caused in the world are the wars that caused the crusades. Many wars came about a long the way such as the thirty-year war, the French war, and many more. The outcome of the wars because of religion brought us now in society the history of the renaissance art and cultural in our museums and books. Although many European kings used God to their advantage by stating that they had divine power and were not to be questioned. All of this was the fact that created new types of government that are around today that are different than how they were before. The types that came about were the absolute monarchy and the reformation meaning the wars with the church and people.

  • effects on religion, writeacher -

    what was the biggest effect of the war to europe

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