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Relion effects , Jen

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Its asking me to do two separate things one: List first effect thesis and provide examples.
THe second one is :List second effect thesis with examples.

THe effects I have to think of positive as well as negative how should I word it.

So you have to choose one positive and one negative?


list at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and vie exmaples form past and/or present world events that illustrate your examples. Think of positive as well as negative effects organized religion has had on social groups in the past as well as the more recently. Place dates, places names, people and other facts to develop your examples form the historical past as well as more recent events in the news.

ooh okay. So basically your teacher wants you to write about two major effects of relgion, stating the positive and negative effects of each one.

I'd probably write about the effects on government and culture. And then go into a few wars, briefly stating the positive and negative outcomes of each. Then to bring in a more modern view point, you should state something about the changes in todays government and how they differ from the past. But make sure to include some of todays religious problems, as well.

For culture, I'd write about the renaissance and the different literature/music/art that all came from religion. Also, you could write something about science .. because the Catholic church didn't accept the heliocentric model of the solar system until 1992 because of a religious debate. Which also brings in a more modern view point.

But you could go into a lot of different directions with this.

Also, if you go to your library, try to find the book, "Western Civilization" by Jackson J. Spielvogel. It has tons of information on relgion and it's effects.

What are some of the effects that organized religion had on society?

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