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i just read in the Editorial Section of the New York Times about Uinted States Losing the Good War.. You know where i can find more information on this? Every where i look its the same exact article. Where is it written not the same way but talking about the same thing?

go to CNN it would give u more info

What do i search? It gives me no results when i search Losing the Good War on cnn.

Studs Terkel wrote a book: The Good War.

Gennerally "the Good War" means World War II.

The term may now be being used to allude to the idea that the current wars were somehow percieved as "Good", and the change of that perception or "Losing" the "Goodness' of it. which war does the article mention?

I looked a few places for "losing the good war" and found nothing.

I found the editorial you mentioned. I believe this is the first use of the term in discussion of the Afganastan conflict. Look at the sources at the bottom of the page and, write to the author of the peice.

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