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Chemical Kinetics

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The Decomposistion of nitrosyl chloride was studied:


The following data were obtained where

Rate= - change[NOCl]
change in temp
[NOCl]0 Initial Rate
(molecules/cm^3) (molecules/cm^3*s)
3.0*10^16 5.98*10^4
2.0*10^16 2.66*10^4
1.0*10^16 6.64*10^3
4.0*10^16 1.06*10^5

A.) What is the rate law?
B.) Calculate the rate constant.

I really only don't understand how to calculate the rate constant..but i need help with this whole chapter so all help is welcome :) ty!!

I can't make heads or tails of the data you posted or the equation. Perhaps you could put the data into some other format. These boards don't allow spaces and that makes things difficult. One way to MAKE it space is to use periods as in
11:01....13 mev......$1.13......etc.

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