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Posted by jasmine20 on Monday, December 4, 2006 at 11:49pm.

how do you solve this type of math problems that indicates to perform the indicated operations for

3 and 3/4 divided by 1 and 3/8

convert the whole numbers into fractions.
3 3/4 = 15/4
1 3/8 = 11/8
to divide 15/4 by 11/8 invert the denominator and multiply.
so 15/4 x 8/11. Cross cancel the 4 and 8 and you get 15/1 x 2/11 = 30/11th.

THank you so much for your help but how did you find the 15/4 and 11/8

15/4 comes from multiplying 4*3=12 and adding 3 which is 15 and put it over the denominator which is 4. so the answer looks like 15/4.

to convert whole numbers to fractions you take the denominator and multiply to the whole number on the side.

then you that answer and add it to the numerator.

then you take that answer and put it over the denominator and you get a fraction.

does that make sense

Thank you so much for your explanation it is sure very helpful especially so i can be ready for when test come around.

wow honestly i wouldn't of figured it out. I 'm excited to learn something new

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