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I need help with the heat effects and calorimetry worksheet. Please explain how to solve it! Thank you so much!

A metal sample weighing 45.2g and at a temperature of 100.0 C was placed in 38.6g of water in a calorimeter at 25.6 C. At equilibrium the temperature of the water and meter was 32.5 C.

What was the delta t for the water?
What was the delta t for the metal?
How much heat flowed into the water?
Taking the specific heat of water to be 4.18 J/g C, calculate the specific heats of meatl using Eq. 3.
What is the approximate molar mass of the metal? (Use Eq. 4.)

I assume that you mean "metal" where you wrote "meatl" and "meter".

"delta T" is the temperature change. Calculating them is simply a matter of subtracting the initial from the final temperature. Do that.

The heat that flows into the water is
(water mass) x (specific heat) x (delta T of water)
Calculate that.

Use your equation 4, whatever it is, for the last part.

Show your work if you required further help.

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