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1) No, 8.0 is the correct answer.

2) a strange and unlikely probability distribution. But lets go with the stated parameters. It states that ZERO percent of the population loses less than 6 lbs OR more than 12 lbs, but exactly evenly distributed between 6 and 12. The denominator for your probability questions will be 6. Soooooo.
1) P(10 or more) = 2/6 = .333
2) P(8 to 11) = 3/6 = .500
3) P(9 to 12) = 3/6 = .500

Find the mean, u, for the binomial distribution whch has the state vlaues of n and p. Round answer to the nearest tenth.

n = 40; p = .2

is u = 80 correct

Assume that live weight loss for the first month of a diet program varies between 6 pounds and 12 pounds and is spread evenly over the rangeof possibilities so that there is a uniform distribution. First the probability of the given range of pounds lost.

1. more than 10 pounds

2. between 8 pounds and 11 pounds

3. between 9 pounds and 12 pounds

can anyone please help. I don't know how to do this

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