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Math Word Problem

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Todd has indigo, yellow, pink, and red flowers in his green house. The ratio of indigo flowers to yellow is 3 to 5. The ratio of yellow to pink is 2 to 4. The ratio of indigo flowers to red is 2 to 5. There are 6 indigo flowers. How many flowers of each color is Todd growing?

Please explain.

Let I, Y, P, and R be the numbers of each color. Each letter stands for the color.
I/Y = 3/5
Y/P = 1/2
I/R = 2/5
I = 6
That is four equations in four unknowns. They already told you the value of I.
Y = (5/3) I
Y = 10
Proceed with the equations to have to get R and P

  • Math Word Problem - ,

    A turtle crawls a hill 2 feet and slides back 1 foot each attempt. How many attempts will it take to reach the 14 foot hill?

    Please explain.

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