March 29, 2017

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A person applying for a sales position is offered an alternative salery plan.

Plan A- A base salery of $600 per month plus a commission of 4% of the gross value for the month

Plan B- A base salery of $700 per month plus a commission of 6% of the gross sales of the month in excess of $10,000.

A) For each plan, formulate a function (an equation) that expresses monthly earings as a function of gross sales (x)

B) For what gross sales value is Plan B preferable?

One notation for monthly earnings is

A = $600 + .04X

While the other is

B = $700 + .06(X - $10,000).

The breaking point for gross sales would be where the two salaries are equal. You should be able to answer the remaining question with this information.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

Find the Verticies of a hyperbola with the equation with the equation (x+3) squared -4(y-2)squared= 4

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