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Homework Help: To Kill a Mockingbird

Posted by Lucy on Sunday, December 3, 2006 at 12:59pm.

I'm supposed to do a Mini Chapter Presentation for Chapter 4.

I need to include a piece of research to explain historical/political/cultural information but I need some suggestions to research on.
Also I need to pose an important/controversial/intelligent/pertinent question for discussion. Help/Suggestions please?

Thanks for your help^^
This is a good starting place to decide what to research for, but it cannot be your research itself.

1. Read through the Context section to get an idea of the historical, political, and cultural background of this novel.

2. Read through the character analysis section -- and concentrate on Atticus.

3. Read through the section on Study Questions and Essay Topics. You should find ideas for good discussion questions there -- or something there will trigger another good question or two in your own mind.

Remember that Sparknotes is just a tool to give you a bit of direction. You'll need to do real researching in your school/college library, via a good search engine*, and/or via your library's database subscriptions.


*Go to to learn how to search effectively and to choose good search engines.

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