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Homework Help: Inter. Algebra

Posted by Andrea on Saturday, December 2, 2006 at 6:54pm.

Another problem plz help Count Iblis. How do you solve 5/x+2 + 2x/x squared - 4= 3/x-2?

5/x+2 + 2x/x squared - 4= 3/x-2

You write the term:

2x/x squared as 2/x

the equation becomes:

5/x+2 + 2/x - 4= 3/x-2

4/x = 0

This equation has no solutions. It is only satisfied in the limit x ---> infinity.

If you take x to be any nonzero number and multiply both sides by x, you obtain the equation:

4 = 0,

which is always false! So, assuming that there is a solution you arrive at a contradiction, so the assumption that a solution exists must be false.

can I ask you another question? what is the answer to 4= square root sign with x-2 underneath it?

4 = sqrt[x -2] -->

16 = |x - 2| And x >=2 --->
x - 2 = 16 And x - 2 >= 0 -->

x = 18

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