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Underline the figurative expression(s) in each sentence. Identify the type of expression by writing S for simile or M for metaphor next to the sentence. Sentences might contain both a simile and a metaphor.
Can someone chek my work thanks!

1. The glare of the desert sun seemed hotter than a blowtorch. M
2. After her monologue, the comedian was showered with laughter and applause. M
3. The road of life is bumpy. M
4. Like a needle, Antonio’s criticism punctured the balloon of his brother’s wishful thinking. S M
5. As a colony of ants works together to gather food, so did the villagers labor in the fields to bring in the harvest. M

Similes and metaphors are both devices used to create comparisons so the reader understands more completely what the author intends.

Similes use "like" or "as" somewhere in the sentence.

Metaphors -- no "like" or "as"

I see only one that needs correcting. Which one is it, do you think?


can you think of a similie for children whispering

The children whispering were as quiet as the wind.

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