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Posted by maysam on Friday, December 1, 2006 at 12:42am.

An ideal gas at 18.0 C and a pressure of 2.83 x 105 Pa occupies a volume of 2.63 m3. (a) How many moles of gas are present? (b) If the volume is raised to 5.09 m3 and the temperature raised to 31.6 C, what will be the pressure of the gas?

If N is the number of molecules then:

PV = NkT ---->

N = PV/(k T)

P = of 2.83 x 10^5 Pa

T = 291.15 K

V = 2.63 m^3

k = 1.38065*10^(-23)J K^(-1)

Calculate N and divide by 1 mole.

1 mole times the mass of one atomic mass unit is 1 gram.

1 atomic mass unit is 1.66054*10^(-27) kg ---->

1 mole is 6.02214*10^(23)

Remember: a mole is just a number just like a billion is a number!

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