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In a sentence with a direct object... the action goes from the Subject -> verb-> noun. I bit my brother.

In a sentence with a direct object AND an indirect object. The action goes from the Subject -> verb (past the Indirect Object) ->Noun. I gave my brother a whack. I -> whack (DO) ->brother (IO). The Indirect object is usually found between the verb and the object. I gave mom the spoon... I gave spoon (Do) then it went to mom (IO)

A predicate NOUN is found after a being verb...(am, is, are, be, being, been). It is saying that the subject = Pred.Noun. He = brother. He is brother. He = musician.

Predicate Adjective is also found after a being verb. The adjective is a characteristic of the subject.
Brother = tall. Brother is tall.

Hope this helps. If you will go through your sentences and re-post, I will be happy to correct your mistakes.

I nn to know if it is direct object/indirect object predicate noun or predicate adjective for the following words in capital letters

I sent HER an EMAIL yesterday to confirm the date of the meeting

Elton John is a pop ICON

She seemed HONEST but i was deceived

Give ME a break

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In number 1 you sent an e-mail (direct object because it answers the question WHAT did you send) and (to) her (indirect object with either stated or understood "to/at/for/from."

#2 Icon is a noun.

#3 Honest is an adjective.

#4 Actually you are giving a "break" (direct object) (to) me (indirect object pronoun.)

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