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Posted by Thalia on Thursday, November 30, 2006 at 8:09am.

I need help with this question.

All of the following elements are
enemies of coherence,except which one?

1. misplaced modifiers
2. unclear antecedents
3. placing sentences in the most
understandable order
4. lack of transistional words and

Which answer has no negative words in it? That's your answer!!

Let us know which you think it is, and we'll give you feedback.


would it be (c)placing sentences in the
most understandable order?

would someone please answer me?


Misplaced modifiers don't sound coherent to me. You need to have clear antecedents, and you need to have transitional words and phrases. Look up the word coherent in the dictionary, on the computer or another dictionary. Pay close attention to the words and what they are saying and you'll do well!

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