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The density of acetone vapor in equilibrium with liquid acetone, (CH3)2CO, at 33.1°C is 0.832 g L?1. What is the vapor pressure of acetone at 33.1°C, expressed in kilopascals?

agian i am confused with formulae, hoe you can helpm thanks!

change 0.832 g to mols.
Use PV = nRT
P will be in KPa.
V = 1 L
n from your calculation.
R = 0.08205 when P is in atm and V in liters. But use 8.3145 if P is to be in kPa. Of course, you CAN calculate P in atmospheres, then convert to kPa knowing there are 1o1.325 kPa per 1 atm. I hope this helps.

thanks appreciate it!

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