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How can I convert mm to cm and cm to mm

Look at the metric system, a part of which is shown below. The prefixes are
unit--grams, liters, meters, etc.

Stearting anywhere on the scale of prefixes above, count the number of places to get from where you are to where you want to go and move the decimal point to the left if you move up the chart and move the decimal point to th right if you go down the chart.
For 10 mm to cm. Start at millimeters (mm) and move 1 space to get to centimeters. So move the decimal 1 place to the left and 10 mm = 1.0 cm.

convert 10 kg to centigrams. Start at kilo, and count 1 to hecto, 2 to deka, 3 to the unit (in this case the gram), 4 to deci and 5 to centi. Move the decimal point 5 places to the right and 10 kg = 1,000,000 cg.

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