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I'm suppost to write a job-application letter to a company of interest attaching the resume. My question for this is on the job application letter on the heading i'm suppost to omitt my address and on the resume as well. And also what type of format am i suppost to use for the resume.Is it the one where it has my information of current address on the right hand side and permanent address on the left and so on?

And for the hard cover letter i can place my address to view is that correct or am i wrong.

I would possibly omit my personal address on the cover letter, but I would definitely put it on the resume. Just be sure to use a formal, professional format. In an industry, I don't feel that an employer differentiates between one format and long as it's professional and formal. Employers will be more concerned with clarity, punctuation, spelling, structure, etc. If you know any business majors, consult them. This is covered quite a bit in business.

The first site is an example of both indented and non-indented format.

The second site will give you examples of resume formats.

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