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When 1.0 mol of ammonia gas in injected into a o.50L flask, the following reaction proceeds to equilibrium.

2NH3 <--> N2 (g) + 3H2 (g)

At equilibrium, 0.30 mol of hydrogen gas is present.

a) calculate the equilibrium concentrations of N2 and Nh3.

b) what is the value of Kc?

-- I understand the basic concept of calculating for k, I'm just confused about the coefficients and how to deal with them.

Looking at the coefficents, if .3 mol H2 was produced, then .2 mol of ammonia was used. Also, .1 mol of N2was generated.

k=[N][H2]^3 /[NH3]^2

I don't understand what your question about the coefficents is.

You can calculate the concentrations.

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