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/= divide

So I am not sure how to do this. It is an example in my book but I still don't get it. Can you work through ti so I can do my real work.


(-1^2+-1^-2)^-1 =
First, do work within the parentheses.
-1*-1 = 1 and -1-2 = 1/(-12) =
[1+(1/(-12)]= [1 + 1/1]-1 . (One moves the negative exponent in the numerator by making it 1/(the positive exponent; thus, -1-2 becomes 1/(-1)2.
Now flip the -1 exponent by taking the reciprocal.
[1/(1+1}] = 1/2
<Check my thinking. Check my arithmetic. There are so many exponents and negative exponents that it is easy to make a mistake. Furthermore, when I try to do the exponents it is easy to forget to turn the exponents off. I hope this turns out ok.

It looks ok but check my work anyway.

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