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Homework Help: Math-approximation with fractions:7th grade math

Posted by Mk on Sunday, November 19, 2006 at 10:05pm.

How do you find the greater fraction with approximation?

14. 5/12, 17/30

I know that you need to make 5/12 = 6/12 and 17/30 = 15/30

Then compare them to half or something? I'm confused?! Any clear help and instructions?

There are hundreds of ways to make greater fractions. I dont know what approximation means here...the teacher must have given some instruction.

5/12 a greater fraction is 5/11

5/12 a greater fraction is 11/24. (5/12 is the same as 10/24, so 11/24 is greater. However, 10/23 is greater also.

There are many more ways of finding a fraction that is greater then some given fraction. Exact instructions must have come from the teacher on the technique desired. The way to make any fraction greater is to increase the numerator, or decrease the denominator.


95/100 greater would be 191/200 or,
greater would be 96/100, or
greater would be 95/99


Multiply 5/12 by 2.5 ahd you have 12.5/30.
Clearly, 17/30 is greater that 12.5/30

12/5 = 2.4
30/17 = 1.76
Clearly, 17/30 is greater than 12.5/30 as its reciprocal is smaller than that of 17/0.

use approximation to tell which fraction is greater the fractions are five twelths and seventeen thirtyoths which one is bigger

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