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Creative Homework

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okay so I have to make a presentation on Bloc Quebecois and it must be creative. i cant do a bulletin board or poster board or just the classic essay format, i cant even do a journal or a diary of lucien bouchard. My teacher must be crazy cause i cant think of anything else that would fit the "creative" description...any ideas?

Why don't you go before you class, and in French, introduce yourself as Lucien Bouchard, give your biography, and your interests.

You might even dress as he would. At the bottom of this site are some of his quotes. Those might be of help. Also you might take a flag or an example of something he is proud of to show.

oh cool that's a good idea...i don't know french tho? a friend brought up the idea of a website. noting that it would be creative and original since my teacher lives in the stone age...i talked to her about it, but she was saying that i need to create a link from the past, aka when the bloc was founded to now...i thought maybe have a voting page? for the next referendum (no pun intended) any other ideas

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