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A shopper in a supermarket pushes a loaded 32 kg cart with a horizontal force of 12 N. How far will the cart move in 3.5 s if the shopper places an 85 N child in the cart before pushing?

I don't know how I can add the 85 N to the 32 kg or if I can or how that works in an equation. Yikes.

The mass of the child is Weight/g = 8.7 kg. Add that to the mass of the cart to get Mtotal = 40.7 kg

The acceleration rate of the cart is
a = Force/Mtotal = 12/40.7 = 0.29 m/s^2

For the distance X moved in t = 3.5 s, use the equation
X = (1/2) a t^2
which assumes an iniital speed of zero.

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