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Homework Help: HAMLET!!!!

Posted by shakespeare on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 4:08pm.

ACT II, Scene II
The ambassadors from Norway seem to be intruding on the play. Why has Shakespeare allowed such an intrusion?
okay my answer
well for the audence to wonder what is going to happen next like to lure the audenice more into the play and to stick around to see what happens.

Shakespeare just about always had double and triple plots going on. This whole thing with Norway and Fortinbras is a third plot, with the Laertes/Ophelia/Polonius family being the second.

Usually, these sub-plots are there to serve as "foils" for the main plot -- to provide comparison or contrast with the main character(s).

Then ... be sure to pay attention at the very end of the play. With the King, Queen, and Prince all killed off, who gets the kingdom??



That is correct I was going to tell you that but she alreay did!

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