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Homework Help: physics

Posted by Chris on Monday, November 13, 2006 at 9:50pm.

An elevator with a wieght of 27.8 kN is given an upward acceleration of 1.22 m/s^2 by a cable. a) what is the tension in the cable. b) what is the tension when the elevator is declerating at the rate of 1.22m/s^2 but is still moving upwards?

what exactly is a kN? to find the tension of part a what equation would I use? for b) I need to make a=-1.22m/s^2 but I am not sure what the equation I would use be.I should be getting 31.3 kN for a) and 24.3kN for part b but I can't figure out my problem.

Tension= mg + ma when going up.
Tension = mg - ma when going down. Think that out.

kN is kiloNewtons

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