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Homework Help: Calculus

Posted by Matt on Monday, November 13, 2006 at 8:17pm.

Great! I understand now that

Now, If I am to find the parabolization of the equation x^2-x at x=2, then

So, the equation (taken from c0+c1(x-a)+c2(x-a)^2) is >>

Is this correct?


In calc, we are studying parabolization. It is the linerazation of a parabola. The linerazation of a standard line is L(x) = b0+b1(x-a) when f(x) is at x=a

b0 = f(a)

The parabolization of f(x) at x=a is given by the equation

f(a) = P(a)
F'(a) = P'(a)
f''(a) = P''(a)

I need to find a formula for c0, c1, and c2 in terms of f(a), f'(a) and f"(a)

Im sure that I need to find the first and second derivitive of the equation c0+c1(x-a)+c2(x-a)^2. Im just not sure where to start...



Actually, linearization is approxiamtion by a straight line while Parabolization is approximation of a function by a parabola.

You start from:

f(a) = P(a)
f'(a) = P'(a)
f''(a) = P''(a)

Then you insert


in here.


P(a) = C0
P'(x) = C1+2c2(x-a) --->
P'(a) = C1
P''(x) = 2C2 -->
P''(a) = 2C2

This means that:

f(a) = P(a) = C0
f'(a) = P'(a) = C1
f''(a) = P''(a) = 2C2

And it follows that:

P(x) = C0+C1(x-a)+c2(x-a)^2 =
f(a) + f'(a)(x-a) + f''(a)/2 (x-a)^2

There is an easy way to check. If you parabolize a parabola, you should get the same thing back. So, let's see:

2+3(x-2)+ (x-2)^2 =

2 + 3x-6 + (x^2 - 4x + 4) =

2-6+4 + 3x-4x + x^2 =

x^2 - x.

So, it's indeed the same!

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