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Linear Programming Investment Strategy

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How can I set this question up?
Client has 800,000 that must be invested in 3 funds. 20 to 40% invested in growth fund, 20 to 50% in income fund and at least 30% in money market fund. Client has a max risk index of 0.05. Risk indicators - growth fund is 0.10, income fund is 0.07 and money market is 0.01. Portfolio risk index is computed as a weighted average of risk rating for the three funds where the weights are the fraction of the clients portfolio invested in each of the funds.
Yields are growth - 18%, income fund - 12.5% and money market - 7.5%.

Forgot to add - Maximize the Yield

I need some help on finance investments homework. Can you help me?

If the risk-free rate is 6 percent and the expected rate of return on the market portfolio is 14 percent, is a security with a beta of 1.25 and an expected rate of return of 16 percent overpriced or underpriced?

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