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Two dogs pull horizontally on ropes attached to a post; the angle between the ropes is 65.0รบ. Dog " A" exerts a force of 256 N and dog " B " exerts a force of 344 N .

I) Find the magnitude of the resultant force. ( Answered = 508 N )

II) Find the angle the resultant force makes with dog "A" 's rope.

I want the answer for quistion (II) as soon as possible .. please .. Thank you :)

You want the answer?

I will be happy to critique your work. YOu have two sides and the included angle. I would use the law of cosines to find the third side (resultant), and then the law of sines to find the other angles.

You will find the sketch of this problem will be a great assist in the solution.

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    Fr=256[0o] + 344[65o]=256 + 145.4+311.8i
    = 401.4 + 311.8i = 508N.[37.8o] N. of E.
    = 37.8o N. of dog "A".

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