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math 6 grade

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When the LCM of two numbers the same as one of the numbers?Use an example to explain.

What is the LCM of six and two?

so the LCM of six and two is the answer?

Of course not. It is an example of what the question seeks.

3. the answer is 3!

I relly apresiat this

thank you

How do you turn fractions into decimal

In order to turn a fraction into a decimal you would just I can't explain it but I'll give you an for instance if you had 4/10 you would put the 4 in the tenths place. that would look like this .4 but if it was 4/1,000 you put a blocker in the tenths place wich would look like this,.04 Hope this helps. Good luck with others! Remember I'm here almost every day.

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