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Here are some true or false questions.
1. T or F The fertilized eggs of both chickens and frogs are surrounded by a jelly like layer? I think true.

3. T or F A chicken goes through as many changes as a frog does before it fully becomes an adult? I also think true.

Please just tell me if im right! Thx in advance.

You are not right in either instance.

ok then am I fight on this
2. T or F Frog eggs are laid in the water and chocken eggs are laid on land? I find this TRUE.

I meant right not fight

yes, chicken eggs are laid in nests out of water.

good Now when you open an egg there is a jelly like substance or whatever, wouldn't the vitamins in it protect the chick from dying?????

because the chick would eat the food or something like that????

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