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Flame Colors - Chemistry

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I've searched the internet but I can't find out what color flame a Nickel (or even better NiSO_4) solution will produce when burned.

As well, does Aluminum (Al(SO_4)_3 ) have a flame color from the flame test?

Don't know sorry!Wih I could help!Can you help me though?

Thanks for nothing, now people who can answer my question are going to think its answered.

Under the right conditions nickel salts will give a greenish to green blue flame test but it is not a reliable test for Ni. Aluminum does not give a flame test in the visible region. Both Ni and Al, however, give good lines in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum; of course these could not be used for flame identification since the eye does not see into the UV region. I hope this helps.

  • Flame Colors - Chemistry -


  • Flame Colors - Chemistry -

    green like a bogey

  • Flame Colors - Chemistry -

    pree sure its like an orange last time i checked :P

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