March 28, 2017

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Pls help, my assignment is to name alkalis around the home so far I have got toothpaste(bathroom), mouthwash (bathroom), indigestion tablets (bathroom), soap (bathroom & kitchen), bleach (kitchen), oven cleaner (kitchen). Can you help and think of anymore? Thanks

I would delete the bleach, it is not a true alkali unless other things have been added. What about drain opener chems? Your soap may not be an alkali...is is soap, or a detergent (beauty bar) bar...read the label.
Window cleaner contains ammonium hydroxide often.

baking soda?

How is Sedimentary rock form?

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    A 59-kg housepainter stands on a 13-kg aluminum platform. The platform is attached to a rope that passes through an overhead pulley, which allows the painter to raise herself and the platform. (Ignore the mass of the pulley and any friction in the pulley.)

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