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Homework Help: Math

Posted by Judie on Thursday, November 2, 2006 at 6:39am.

1. Dante invested Php3 million in the stock market. Lucio doubled Dante's investment. How much will Lucio's investment be if Dante's investment is Php5 million after a month?

2. Mother baked 32 ensaymadas. She placed 8 pieces in every box. How many boxes would she need if she baked 56 ensaymadas?

3. For every three seedling, Ben needs bamboo pegs to put a fence around it . How many bamboo pegs are needed to fence 8 seedlings?

4. Miraim spent Php120 on mangoes and Php80 on oranges. Write down the ratios in lowest term.

a. oranges to mangoes b. mangoes to oranges

5. Delia's family spent 4 days in La Union and 6 days in Baguio. Write down the proportion in its lowest terms using the ratio sign. Then find the cross products.

6. Amy used 6 meters of cloth to sew 4 blouses and 3 meters to sew 2 blouses. What kind of ratio do the meters of cloth to blouses represent?

7. Kate goes to Kindergarten 4 days and play-school once a week. Write each ratio using the ratio sign.

a. kinderharten to play-school
b. play-school to kindergarten


I will be happy to check and critique your work on this.

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