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Homework Help: Poetry

Posted by Gina on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 at 5:17pm.

What is a good defination of a prose poem without using the words prose?

You could use a definition like this, and then substitute the following in place of the word "prose" --

unrhymed, unmetered writing


so prose peoms dont rhythm at all?

so prose peoms dont rhythm at all?

No, Gina, prose type poems do not rhyme. They would not also have meter. It is called "free verse".

One of thre worst free verse poems ever:
delicious grain of sand

When days are dark
and I have come apart
disolved in hising segments

and faces are disgusting
pallid angles
sprouted tufts antennae hair

when scuttle pulses passing
pushing spike thier garbage
spattering my shins

and cuddled slushpaklike
a gagging fish
I am stepped on

you gather me

you take me home in baskets

you rinse my feet in tepid water
and stroke until
my colors come I dream of you.

Adam Philips

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