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Posted by on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at 6:17am.

Hello everyone. I'm new to this board, found it on google when trying to find someplace to have someone look over my paper. I'm in my last year of spanish at high school, but I haven't done much writing in Spanish over the past few years (and I'm not that great in Spanish to begin with). For the end of first quater project, I had to write about an ideal house. Below is what I put together, if someone good with Spanish could please have a read and let me know if it makes sense, that'd be great.

Note: It's missing some accent marks because I have to go back and add them in.

Suggestions welcome.
Thanks alot!


Todo el mundo sonan de su perfecto casa. Yo siempre sono de mi casa cuando yo soy mayor. Mi casa es muy bueno.

Primero, mi casa tengo dos pisos. Yo vivo en California o Florida, cerca la playa. La clima es calida y verano es largo. La planta baja tiene la sala, la cocina, el bano, y una habitacion. El piso de dos tiene dos habitacions y un bano.

En la sala, tu miras los muebles mucho. El television es mucho grande. Dos sofas y la sillon estan muy comodo. En la concina ahi es la estufa, el congelador, el lavaplatos, y horno microondas moderno. La concina es muy espacioso. La habitacion para los huespedes es tambien en piso de uno.

En el piso de dos los habitacions estan grande y contenen muchos muebles. Mi habitacion tiene el televisor, dos lamparas, y la cama grande. Mi habitacion tambien tiene dos ventanas. El bano de maestro tiene un lavabo, un espejo, y una banera grande.
La yarda es tambien much grande. El cesped es muy densamente y verde. Hay a piscina tambien. La yarda tiene cuatro o cinco palmeras al lo largo de cerca.

Yo espero que tenga a casa como este. Yo ideal casa es muy practico y grande. Yo quiero viva como este algun dia en el futuro.


Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since you learn best by doing your own corrections, you will find errors (in parentheses, and after the error.) Feel free to rewrite your essay with corrections and I'll proofread again, if we have time, before you turn it in! Below the essay is the KEY to the correction symbols.

Todo el mundo sonan (núm = because the subject is plural, so is the verb and this verb is an o--->ue verb = sueña) de (prep = this verb uses "con") su perfecto (gén = casa is feminine so the adjecive must be also = perfecta) casa. Yo siempre sono (see above = sueña) de (see above = con) mi casa cuando yo soy mayor.(MD = not exactly sure what you are trying to say here. Sometimes if you provide the English, it is easier to correct.) Mi casa es muy bueno.(gén = buena)

Primero, mi casa tengo (v = not "my house I have" plus indicative vs. subjunctive. If you are talking about a house you already have = tiene, BUT if you are talking about a house you hope to find = "quiero que mi casa tenga") dos pisos. Yo vivo (t = you are currently living there? OR you will live = viviré/espero vivir) en California o Florida, cerca (+de) la playa. La (gén = this word is masculine = El) clima es calida (gén + AA = cálido) y verano(must use "el" in front of the noun) es largo. La planta baja tiene (t = easiest to say "va a tener OR quiero/espero que la planta baja tenga, IF you have studied the Subjunctive.) la sala, la cocina, el bano,(AA = baño) y una habitacion.(AA = habitación) El piso de dos(** "de dos" = El segundo piso) tiene (t = va a tener OR tendrá) dos habitacions (ort = habitaciones) y un bano.(AA = baño)

En la sala, tu miras (** = habrá muchos muebles = always SIMPLIFY what you are trying to say, without English word order. You do not want "your you look at") los muebles mucho. El television (gén = you choose either "El televisor" or "La televisión" and the first choice is far better.) es mucho (** = not the adjective but the adverb "muy") grande. Dos sofas (AA = sofás) y la (gén = el) sillon (AA = sillón) estan (choose SER = definitely IS OR ESTAR = SEEMS = son) muy comodo.(AA + gén = cómodos) En la concina (ort = cocina) ahi es (** = if you are trying to say "there is" = hay) la estufa, el congelador, el lavaplatos, y ( + el) horno (+ de) microondas(núm) moderno. La concina (ort = see above) es muy espacioso.(gén = must be feminine) La habitacion para los huespedes (AA = huéspedes) es tambien (AA = también) en piso de uno.(** = el primer piso, much more idiomatic)

En el piso de dos (see above = En el segundo piso) los (gén = this word is feminine) habitacions (ort = habitaciones) estan (see above = SER = son) grande(núm = when the noun is plural, so is the adjective = grandes) y contenen(ort = tener & contener are e--->ie verbs = tienen) muchos muebles. Mi habitacion (AA = see above) tiene el televisor, dos lamparas,(AA = lámparas) y la (please review the difference between the definite article (the) and the inbdefinite article (a,an) cama grande. Mi habitacion (AA = see above) tambien (AA = see above) tiene dos ventanas. El bano (ort = ñ) de maestro (why not " baño principal?) tiene un lavabo, un espejo, y una banera (ort = ñ) grande.
La yarda (voc = in using a dictionary, first look up "yard" and then write down all the choices = "cercado, pagtio; yarda; verga" and then take each Spanish word, looking up the primary English meaning. You selected "yard" as a "measurement" and you don't want that one!) es tambien(AA = see above) much (voc = ** + muy) grande. El cesped (AA = césped) es muy densamente (voc = not adverb but adjective = denso?) y verde. Hay a (ort = una) piscina tambien.(AA = see above) La yarda (voc = see above) tiene cuatro o cinco palmeras al lo largo de cerca. (MD = not sure what you are trying to say after "palmeras")

Yo espero que tenga a (ort = una) casa como este. (gén + AA = ésta) Yo (** = not "I" but "my" = Mi) ideal casa (CP = when in doubt the adjective follows the noun usually) es muy practico(AA + gén = práctica) y grande. Yo quiero viva (** = vivir) como este (** = like this? = esto) algun (AA = algún) dia(AA = día) en el futuro.

Proofreading Symbols:

ort = ortografía (spelling)
gén = género (gender)
con = concordancia (agreement of subject/verb or subject/adjective or adj/noun)
inf = infinitivo (infinitive required)
núm = número (singular/plural problem)
prep = preposición (preposition required = a, de, en, etc.)
t = tiempo verbal (verb tense)
subj.=subjuntive needed
v = verbo equivocado (wrong verb)
p = puntuación (punctuation correction needed)
voc = vocablo (wrong vocabulary choice)
imp.= imperfect needed
pret .= preterit needed
n/c = no comprendo (not clear what you are trying to say)
/\ = falta una palabra (Missing a word)
/\ /\ /\ = faltan 3 palabras (etc.) (Missing 3 words, etc.)
M/m = cambiar a mayúscula/minúscula (Change to upper or lower case)
CP = cambiar posición de las dos palabras (Change word order)
AE = abrir espacio (Open a space)
CE = cerrar espacio (Close up the space)
QA = quitar acento (Take off accent)
PN = párrafo nuevo (New paragraph)
QP =quitar palabra (Take out/omit word)
AA =añadir un acento (Add an accent)
PG = punto gramatical (Grammatical error) (Specify)
** = borrar (delete) / omit la palabra anterior (Omit the preceding word)
MD = mal dicho (not said well)

NOTE: As you can see above, when you begin to write all the little errors from Spanish I, etc. show up! Basically always check in a good dictionary the gender of a noun, if you are not sure, be sure the modifying adjective(s) have the same number (singular or plural) and gender (masculine or feminine.) and that the verb agrees with the subject in number = singular or plural.) Since you are talking about an "ideal house" that you have not yet found, all the verbs referring to it should be in the Subjunctive, rather than the Indicative, which indicates FACT.

Please visit us again because the more you write, the better you will get, especially if you keep track of the errors you make ("hitlist") so you don't make them again!

Thanks, I'll rewrite and repost in the next few hours. :)

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