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Posted by Troy on Monday, October 30, 2006 at 6:02pm.

Hey there, can someone help me translate this part of the text from Oedipus the King written by Sophocles? I need to translate it so other people can understand it.

II. 1
Of a truth dark thoughts, yea dark and fell,
the augur wise doth arouse in me,
Who neither assent, nor yet gainsay;
and what to affirm, I cannot tell;
But I flutter in hope, unapt to see
Things of to-morrow, or to-day.
Why in Polybus' son they should find a foe,
Or he in the heirs of Labdacus,
I know no cause, or of old, or late,
In test whereof I am now to go
Against the repute of Oedipus,
To avenge a Labdakid's unknown fate.

II 2.
Ture, zeus indeed, and Apollo, are wise,
And knowers of what concerns mankind;
But that word of a seer, a man like me,
Weighs more than mine, for a man to prize,
Is all unsure. Yea, one man's mind May surpass another's in subtlety;
But never will I, till I see the rest,
Assent to those who accuse him now.
I saw how the air-borne Maiden came
Against him, and proved him wise, by the test, And good to the state; and for this, I trow,
He shall not, ever, be put to shame.

If you'll let us know what YOU think it means -- that is, how YOU would translate these sections -- someone here will be able to give you feedback. Please re-post with your thinking.


hey i have no idea what it means... i can not understand it at all... someone help please

I. 1.
Who did Tiresias say murdered someone?
What was this dreadful deed?

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