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U.S. History

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I have to write an essay answering this question,

" How were the reform movements and the Second Great Awakening of 1820-1860 in the United States related to the growth of industry and urban life?"

and I'm haing trouble organizing my thoughts and writing my thesis. Can anyone help? I don't want anything written for me but if anyone can give me some places to find info. or maybe a suggestion on how my thesis could be set up, I'd be very appriciative.
Thanks, Phillip

I suggest you take notes on a piece of notebook paper, folded in half lengthwise. In one column, note the reform movements and events of the Second Great Awakening. In the other column, list the growth of industry and urban life. Then see what connections are obvious.

This site has links to a lot of information about the reform movements in the 19th century.

In addition to Ms.Sue's comments, there are some more things you want to be sure of. Your introduction is probably your most important paragraph, after you have made the connections (from ms.sue), form three main ideas that you will write about. Your first sentence in your introduction should be a hook, inciting the reader to read on. Afterwards, you should introduce your three main ideas. (Don't say, my first idea is x, my second idea is y...etc, try to make it interesting). Your LAST sentence should be your thesis, and make it bold. From then onwards, every last sentence in your following pragraphs should somehow relate back to the thesis.
Here's to an A+!

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