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Posted by Soly on Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 12:21am.

Could you please give me some good new article links for my agumentive essay on oil dependency. Thanks!

My prompt:

Does the US need to reduce its dependence on Middle Eastern oil?

If you argue that it does, then provide a way for this to be accomplished and a timeline for it.

If you argue that it does not, provide sound reasoning for that route, and disprove the opposing viewpoint's ideas to prove your own. (This is one that I am writing about)

Here are umpteen articles on the topic. I went to and entered us dependency middle east oil. Look especially for articles with .gov in the URL for official US government positions; look for .org in the URLs for positions of other groups; look for URLs with or or or or any other newspaper or newsmagazine for those points of view.


You can also go to these and other newspaper/newsmagazine websites and search their websites. Sometimes you have to register; usually it's free:

... and many others:

Also reference websites:


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