November 25, 2014

Homework Help: U.S. History

Posted by Krystal on Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 3:07am.

I TOTALY NEED HELP..... i have to answer 4 questions in a paragraph or long enough to fully explain it....

the questions are
1) Discuss the economic and financial programs of secretary of the treasury alexander hamilton. What id they include? What was Hamilton trying to accomplish? How and why did this grograms politically divide Americans?
2) "between 1793-17956. friction developed in american life as a result of disagreements over foreign affairs." Assess the validity of this statement using specific information, details, and commentary.
3) Why did Political parties emerge in the US at the end of the 18th century? Descirde the differences in the two parties?
4) How did the XYZ affair France spur opposition amoung groups within the US?

The first five look especially promising for information about Alexander Hamilton.

The first one may be of no help but the next several look promising re foreign affairs.



Once you've written up your responses, you may re-post and someone here may be able to give you better feedback.


how did the xyz affair divied the the two political parties?

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