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Posted by chemiii on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 10:18pm.

convert 25mm= cm?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????im confused wat is the metric table?

the answer is 2.5cm. There are 10mm in 1 cm. So you can use this equation for that:


Here is a simplified version of the metric system. The following prefixes are used.
unit;i.e.,meters, grams, liters,seconds

Now, all you need to remember is this table and how to move the decimal point. If you go UP the table, move the decimal point to the left. If you go DOWN the table, move the decimal point to the right. Here are two examples.
Convert your 25 mm to cm.
Start at mm (that is milli) and you move up one spot to centimeters. So move the decimal one place to the left and the answer is 2.5 cm.
Convert 2.50 kg (kilograms) to grams. Start at kg. We move down one to h, another to da and another to the unit (grams in this case). That is three places we moved so we move the decimal three places to the right. Then 2.50 kg becomes 2500 grams. Neat, huh?

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