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can you please help me with two sentences inc these words.



i am trying to learn them for a test in a sentence thanks

joes cupidity became obvious, as he had aranged the entire party just so Jane and Fred would meet.

Fred,Dont be such a philistine, come skinnydipping with us!

Or was it 2 with both? You can mutilate those into one if nessacary. And then resate from Fred,s position, or Jane's

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. What you should do first of all is look the two words up in a dictionary. "Cupidity" is a noun and you can use "philistine" as an adjective. Next, it's probably easier for you to make up a sentence with synonyms for each word first = lust & materialistic. Now try a sentence and we will be glad to critique it for you!

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