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Homework Help: math

Posted by Jorden on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 at 9:14pm.

What is the way to find the answer to the problem....3x+1=10?

My teacher told us in class but I just didn't understad it.

The idea is to get the x all alone on one side.

Subtract one from each side.
Then, divide each side by three.

3x + 1 = 10

First subtract 1 from both sides. That should get you started.


3x + 1 = 10.

So three of something, plus one equals ten in otherwords. I take away the one first. So now you have
3x = 9
Now what number three times equals nine?
Well that would be three !
3x = 9
means that
x = 3.

and your solution

3x = 1 = 10


that three of x (which is three 3 times so thats nine to check)

plus 1 equals ten.

AKA- X = 3.

If you need help from your teacher again, dont be afraid to ask. Keep asking until you understand.

sorry if i confused you. sometimes
algebra looks hard, but indeed is very simple. The hardest part is understanding how it is so simple !

Good Luck =)

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