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One more A.P Chemistry

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Three volatile compounds X,Y, and Z each contain elements Q. The precent by weight of element Q in each compound was determined. Some of the data obtained are given below
Percent by weight Molecular
Compound of Element Q Weight

X 64.8% ?
Y 73.0% 104.
Z 59.3% 64.0
(a) the vapor density of compound X at 27 degress C and Hg was determined to be 3.53 grams per litre. Calculate the molecular weight of compound X.

(b) Determine the mass of the element Q contained in 1.00 mole of each of the three compounds.

(c) Calculate the most probable value of the atomic weight of element Q

(d) Compound Z contains carbon, hydrogen, and element Q. When 1.00 gram of compound Z is oxidized and all of the carbon and hydrogen are converted to oxidized, 1.37 grams of CO2 and 0.281 gram of water are produced. determine the most prbable molecular formula of compound Z

Frankly, I understand the question but I don't understand the data. It may be that the spacing is not right since these posting sites don't handle spacing very well. You might try to show the data in a different form to see if that would help. One way to handle the spacing ability of these sites, or lack thereof, is to use periods. For example, if I try to make a table with columns, like this, notice that it posts with no space between and the numbers run together. It is impossible to know which number goes with which column.
properties molecular weight time of day
none 104 10:55 But I can use periods to help separate like this,
properties molecular weight time of day

Try something like that; perhaps someone will be able to help.


  • One more A.P Chemistry - ,

    a. MM=drt/p=(3.53g/l)(62.4)(300k)/750mmHg=88.1g/mol

  • One more A.P Chemistry - ,

    I have this exact question. It sucks. This is the worst class I've ever taken in my life. No joke. There's too much information to learn in one year and the review book even tells me that. It has ruined my entire junior year.

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