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hi um could you help me i have to do a music assignment and i to talk to my class about a piece of music from my fave artist like what instruments are used the structure of the music and those kinds of things but im not good at music and don't really understand could u clear this up for me ?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, select your favorite artist and a piece of music. What musical instruments are used in the piece - piano, guitar, keyboard, etc. As for the structure, is it an instrumental, choral, ballad and is it jazz, blues, etc. Obviously you are studying music so look at your notes and what exactly have you been studying? Homework usually incorporates what your lessons have covered.

i have some music homework but i don't have a clue about the notes like semiquavers! can you help?

its all about the barlitone


me nither ive been lookin on net 4 2 weeks

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