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End behavior models

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Thanks for the help with my previous problems Roger & Leo. It was really helpful.

Now I want to know how to find the right and left end behavior models and horizontal tangents for the inverse functions, say y = tan inverse(x)

I have to do this for all functions, but at least let me know the method for tan inverse(x), then I will try to do the rest myself.
Thanks again.

If you've done the graph of tan x then you know that as x goes from (-pi/2, +pi/2) y=tan x goes from (-infty, +infty)
When you look at the arctan x then as x goes from (-infty, +infty) y goes from (-pi/2, +pi/2). Can you see the horizontl asymptotes from this?
Does this suggest how to do the other problems too?

  • End behavior models - ,


  • End behavior models - ,

    what are the left and right end behavior models of arctan(x)?

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