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is 765/2023 simplified?!!? I think it is.

Nope, it isn't,
765 = 32*5*17
check the divisor of 765 into 2023

what do you mean

What do you mean?Your making it more difficult for her!

What am I making difficult here? All we need to do is find the factorization of one of the numbers, the numerator or denominator, and test them by dividing them into the other number. What's difficult about that? In fact, I've already done the hard part by giving the divisors of one number and assuring that one of them divides the other number. What else can be done here? Of course, my answers are "strange" to you so I'll try to take that into account. ;)

What do I mean??
You asked:
"is 765/2023 simplified?!!? I think it is."
I said no it's not, 765 = 9*5*17
Try the divisos of 765 ,which are 3,5 and 17, and see if any of them divide 2023
Does 3 go into 2023? Does 5 go into 2023? Does 17 go into 2023?
I've already told you the fraction is 'not' simplified, so one of those divisors of 765 goes into 2023 evenly, ok?

ya...its 17...i had to do that problem for homework tonight...=]

ok!!?? can anyone work this out and give me the GCF (greatest common factor)???

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